Success Stories

Researchers across Canada are engaging in microsystems research that is resulting in excellence, commercialization, collaborations, and highly trained and qualified people for application areas including bio, ICT, energy & environment, aerospace, automotive, natural resources, and security & defence.

The most recent stories are listed below.

University of Waterloo graduate, and founder of Novela Inc., Dr. Salam Gabran

Flexible, implantable electrode offers new insights into brain function

Hamid Arabzadeh, University of Waterloo graduate and founder of Ranovus Inc.

Canadian startup’s quantum dot technology poised to transform data centre industry

Professor Oleschuck and team from Queen's University have developed a novel approach to nano-electrospray

Optical fibres inspire novel approach to nano-electrospray

University of Victoria Professor and his team are using 3D printing with MEMS to produce low-cost body-powered prosthetics

3D printing brings affordable prosthetic “Victoria Hand” to Guatemalans

Dr. Neil Sarkar, PhD graduate from University of Waterloo and founder of Integrated Circuit Scanning Probe Instruments (ICSPI) Corp.

Pioneering MEMS technology offers nano-scale ‘microscopy for the masses’

Faez Ba Tis, University of Toronto doctoral student under the supervision of Dr. Ridha Ben Mrad

Novel optical MEMS research with commercial potential

Dr. Pierre Berini and his research team have developed a plasmonic biosensor that could help millions by diagnosing Dengue early.

Plasmonic biosensor shows promise as early detector of Dengue disease

Professor David Plant, an NSERC Industrial Research Chair at McGill University, is building high-performance photonic circuits enabling short-reach fiber optic interconnects.

Record-breaking solution targets intra-data centre communications