Success Stories

Researchers across Canada are engaging in microsystems research that is resulting in excellence, commercialization, collaborations, and highly trained and qualified people for application areas including bio, ICT, energy & environment, aerospace, automotive, natural resources, and security & defence.

The most recent stories are listed below.

Dr. Pavel Cheben, Senior Research Officer, National Research Council Canada, is internationally regarded for his expertise in integrated optics and photonics.

Canada’s international leadership and research excellence in silicon photonics: Tackling demanding challenges

Increase light coupling in the photonic integrated circuits

Dr. Winnie Ye, Canada Research Chair in Nano-scale Integrated Circuit Design for Reliable Opto-electronics and Sensors

Canada’s international leadership and research excellence in silicon photonics: Tackling demanding challenges

Increasing the rate of information transfer

Collin Twanow, VP of Sales and Marketing, Micralyne (right), with Alex Edwards, VP of Commercial Operations, CMC Microsystems: partnership to bring a unique silicon MEMS process to market

Industrial-academic partnership speeds advanced silicon MEMS technology to market

Yonathan Datter, co-founder and president of Luxmux Technology Corporation with Orly Yadid-Pecht, University of Calgary professor and co-founder.

Photonic sensor developed to increase efficiency in oil extraction

Dr. Frédéric Mailhot, graduate student Gullaume, and Dr. Jean Rouat (right), Université de Sherbrooke

Resolving vision problems by configuring FPGAs to spike the brain’s neural networks

Dr. Alan Fine, founder of Alentic Microscience Inc. and Professor at Dalhousie University

Visionary technology: Lensless microscopy generates game-changing imaging tool

Dr. Vamsy Chodavarapu, founder of Sharp Microsystems and Director of McGill’s Sensor Microsystems Laboratory

Sensing technology that could save life and limb

Dr. Konrad Walus, Aspect Biosystems founder and professor at The University of British Columbia.

Lab-on-a-printer brings 3D printed structures to life

Dr. Langis Roy and his research team at Carleton University have developed a sensor to monitor radiation dosages that are administered to blood to make it safer for transfusion

University expertise develops X-ray sensor for Canadian biomedical company