MNT Financial Assistance

MNT Financial assistance is intended to reduce the cost associated with conducting custom microfabrication processes as well as to reduce the cost impediment that may be associated with traveling to non-local facilities. This service is available to clients who have a Prototyping Subscription. To learn more, see the document MNT Financial Assistance.

Before You Apply

Before you can apply for financial assistance, you must:

  • Contact the lab manager
  • Obtain WHMIS and lab safety training
  • If you are not a registered client of CMC, register with CMC.

See our flow chart for further information.

If you obtained financial assistance from CMC in the past, make sure you have submitted a Fabrication Report form.

Important Deadlines

MNT financial assistance is given on a monthly basis. To be considered for financial assistance, it is important that you apply by 4:00 pm ET on the submission deadline date. See below for important dates.

  • Submission Deadline: 10th of the month
  • Notification of Acceptance: End of the month
  • Fabrication Report Deadline: 3 months after notification

Submitting a Fabrication Report

We are interested in learning about your research at MNT labs. After you have traveled to the lab or received financial assistance for microfabrication, you must complete a Fabrication Report form in PDF format or Word format and submit it to CMC. You will not be eligible for further awards if you have an outstanding Fabrication Report. To submit the form, email it to Andrew Fung.

Submitting a Travel Expense

To get your refund after you have traveled to the lab, please fill out the Travel Expense Form and send it to:

Keri McDonald
CMC Microsystems
945 Princess Street, Building 50
Innovation Park at Queen’s University
Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6

Apply Online

The on-line application form will time out after 30 minutes. To make the submission process easier, we recommend that you prepare the following information in advance to drop into the form:

  • List of publications
  • Title of the project
  • Description of the project
  • Explain the need for a custom microfabrication
  • A figure of the process flow
  • Testing and characterization procedure

The assessment of the application during the peer reviewing process is based on CMC’s Effectiveness Criteria. To increase your chance of acceptance, please provide the required information to address the Effectiveness Criteria.

To start an application, go to Resource Competitions.

Supplement for the NSERC ENGAGE Grant

If you were awarded the ENGAGE grant through NSERC, you will be eligible for a supplement of $2,000 from CMC Microsystems. The $2,000 will be applied towards any microfabrication, characterization or assembly expense incurred at any Micro and Nano Technology facility of the MNT Portal. For more information, please contact