Embedded Systems Canada Project

Embedded Systems Canada (emSYSCAN) is a 5-year project worth over $50 million, and involves more than 250 university researchers in 37 institutions in Canada. The emSYSCAN project provides platform-based microsystems design and prototyping environments and is based at CMC. emSYSCAN infrastructure will shorten the microsystems development cycle leading to rapid commericalization, publication, and training of highly qualified personnel within a national and international multi-disciplinary research environment.

Work with CMC to connect to the research community

The project is an important part of the National Design Network (NDN), managed by CMC Microsystems. The lead institution in the project is Queen’s University, a long-standing partner and participant in the NDN. The emSYSCAN project proposal was submitted to Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) in October of 2008, and CMC was selected as project manager by Queen’s in June 2010. 


Information for potential suppliers of emSYSCAN

Working through CMC is an efficient and secure means for suppliers to connect with the research community. The following document provides an overview of the project and related infrastructure, current procurement activities, and requirements for quotations:


For emSYSCAN information contact:

  • General enquires: Peter Stokes, Director, CFI Projects, stokes@cmc.ca, +1.613.530.4676
  • Supplier enquires: Ray Filteau, Manager, Sourcing and Supply, filteau@cmc.ca, +1.613.530.4789