Our multi-project wafer services provide access to some of the best foundries in the world for the manufacture of prototypes. We offer professional services to assist clients looking for custom fabrication through an MNT lab. We also offer packaging and assembly services to integrate multiple technologies on a single device.


Read on for an overview of how to access our fabrication services. Includes Fabrication Schedule and grant application process.



Through supplier partnerships, we offer multi-project wafer services and related fabrication services in a variety of technologies.


Fabrication and Pricing

The Fabrication Pricing page lists academic pricing, and provides information on commercial pricing and new faculty discounts.


Packaging and Assembly Services

CMC delivers packaging services, backed by engineering support and consultation, providing researchers with physical components for testing and building prototypes.


Micro-Nano Technologies Facilities Portal

The MNT Facilities Portal provides researchers and lab managers with one place to search for information related to university micro-nano technology facilities across Canada.

Watch the recording of the FACT Services webinar, Micro-nano fabrication and characterization services assisting academic and industrial R&D in the NDN Hub.


Fabrication Checklist

The Fabrication Checklist walks you through the steps involved in accessing CMC multi-project wafer services.


Fabrication FAQ

Answers to researchers' most frequently asked questions about our multi-project wafer services.