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Partners, Membership, and International Connections

The effectiveness of Canada’s National Design Network is dependent on the interactions between many individuals and organizations in the microsystems community. CMC Microsystems is at the centre of highly successful collaborations that are vital to the evolution of Canada's information economy.

Our Funders

CMC and Canada's National Design Network wish to acknowledge the contributions of our funding agencies.

Our Partners

Canada's Microsystems R&D Community: Our partners come together and assist us in enabling multi-disciplinary research and product commercialization - positioning Canada to be a competitive player in all economic sectors. CMC is pleased to collaborate with organizations - both in Canada and world-wide - involved in microelectronics and micro- nanosystems R&D, including: Industry, Industry Associations, Federal Research Labs, Academic Research and Training Networks, National Infrastructure and Research Support Organizations, and University Research Groups and Laboratories.

For information contact Gord Harling, CEO | Tel: +1.613.530.4653


CMC is proud to be a member of the following organizations: 

CMC's post-secondary, company, individual, and other organization members are listed here.

International Connections

Strategic International Partnering: Global partnerships and international technology alliances are key components of CMC's Strategic Plan. CMC works with leading vendors and suppliers from around the world to increase the capability of Canada's microsystems researchers. 

By facilitating access to advanced technologies, products and services that are not available in Canada, CMC is helping to bridge critical gaps, meet the changing needs of researchers, facilitate R&D collaboration and ultimately accelerate the competitiveness of Canadian companies. Complementing other initiatives across Canada, CMC is pursuing the following actions to help create new opportunities for Canadian university researchers and their industrial partners:

  • Supporting researchers in Canada who are collaborating with researchers around the world
  • Exchanging information and partnering with CMC-like organizations
  • Engaging recognized research and technology development leaders in other countries
  • Sourcing technology via partners such as MOSIS in the United States and Circuits Multi-Projets® (CMP) in France

Outcomes include:

  • CMC is participating in the 3-year (2011-2014) framework project ESSenTIAL which is led by IMEC (Belgium) and involves five other European partners: CEA Leti (France), IHP GmbH (Germany), VTT (Finland), TNO (Netherlands), Tyndall Institute (Ireland). This international partnership delivers affordable access to advanced silicon photonics. 
  • CMC has been proud to lead a Canadian delegation to the World Micromachine Summit in Beijing, China since 2006.
  • CMC established a Memorandum of Understanding with FUMEC (the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science) to consider opportunities that would benefit research and trade in Mexico and Canada, and stimulate microsystems research collaboration and participated in a global forum on MEMS, hosted by FUMEC to explore new opportunities to reap the economic benefits of microsystems in Canada and Mexico.
  • CMC hosted the initial meeting of six microscale/nanoscale technology and service delivery organizations that aim to capitalize on diverse interests to increase microsystems-intensive R&D and improve competitive advantage in the global economy.

"The agreement between CMP, CMC and MOSIS is helping to improve the international visibility of all three collaborating organizations. This profile is essential to facilitate a common understanding of the value each organization contributes independently to its stakeholders, as well as the potential of our collaboration on microsystems worldwide." 
Bernard Courtois, PhD, Director, CMP, Grenoble, France


For more information about CMC's collaborative activities see CMC Members, Annual Reports, and Success Stories.