CMC Solutions

Program Objective

CMC Solutions is a collaborative cost-sharing program that leads to joint R&D projects and that:

  • Directly contributes to client R&D objectives.
  • Adds to the set of technologies, services, or capabilities delivered to the National Design Network (NDN)—see topic areas or theme descriptions for guidance.
  • Stimulates value creation and/or contributes to training.

Some projects may not meet all these objectives—all applications will be considered and may be directed to other programs or support.


  • This program will defray costs for microsystems development and prototyping, and contribute HR resources for collaborative R&D projects that are structured for mutual benefit to clients and to the NDN.
  • Projects are solicited in a number of theme areas. These themes are linked to prioritized technologies, markets, research, and development areas. Project selection takes into account a fit to one or more themes. Unsolicited themes are also welcomed, and may indicate additional areas to shape support outside of the presented themes.
  • Projects may be initiated by academic or government researchers, or companies. Projects are research- and/or development-oriented, and are aligned with strategies for the NDN or more dedicated to client requirements.
  • Project expenses are shared between clients, CMC, and other collaborators.
  • CMC’s budget allocation reflects the expected benefit to the NDN.
  • Project duration is expected to be less than one year.
  • Continuing assistance may be available to those who intend to commercialize project output.

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