Fabrication Checklist

The Fabrication Checklist walks you through the steps involved in accessing CMC multi-project wafer services.

Fabrication Steps
  1. Create an account with CMC through online process

  2. Select a fabrication technology & choose a fabrication run

  3. Confirm Licensing Agreements in place for selected technology (contact licensing@cmc.ca)

  4. Review Effectiveness Criteria

  5. Ensure test reports for Designs Previously Fabricated through CMC have been submitted to CMC

  6. Submit application (in form of a Request for Manufacturing Resource, RFMR) – check fabrication schedule for deadlines

  7. Watch for CMC’s Award e-mail notification

  8. Faculty requires a current Prototyping Level Subscription to proceed with Award

  9. Faculty must accept Award and associated fabrication costs (instructions included with award notification.

  10. Check designs using CMC’s Design Rule Check Service (DRC)

  11. Submit DRC Clean Design, completed Request for Implementation (RFI) form including Packaging Requirements

  12. Watch for CMC’s notification of design accepted for manufacture at Foundry

  13. Faculty must arrange for payment prior to delivery

  14. Monitor fabrication schedule for chip shipping forecast dates, prepare for testing

  15. Submit a test report to CMC