Micro-Nanotechnology Facilities Portal

The MNT Facilities Portal provides researchers and lab managers with one place to search for information related to university micro-nanotechnology facilities across Canada. CMC compliments these offerings with professional services and financial assistance to assist clients looking for custom fabrication through an MNT lab.

MNT Portal

MNT Research Projects

View descriptions of current research projects that benefited from equipment and processes at MNT facilities across Canada, as well as related financial assistance provided by CMC.

News & Events

MNT Photo Contest - Send us your favorite micro-nanotechnology image!
June 18, 2018.

CMC celebrates 500th prototype enabled by MNT Financial Assistance
June 13, 2018

Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy joins FACT
May 1, 2018

Lab2Fab 2017
Thank you to all of our participants, speakers, and sponsors for making the Lab2Fab Workshop in 2017 a success! 


This web portal consolidates the information, guidance, and services you need to most efficiently choose from and access more than 40 micro-nanotechnology (MNT) facilities.

Search for labs, processes, and equipment at universities across Canada. Locate the following capabilities:

  • Mask generation
  • Etching
  • Deposition of materials
  • Lithography
  • Characterization
  • Die to PCB flip-chip
  • Access to cleanroom
  • ...and more, all start from here.

In addition, researchers who are registered with CMC can apply for financial assistance to ease the cost of travelling to a lab of their choosing, and to reduce the cost of processing their devices. Those awarded the ENGAGE grant through NSERC are eligible for a supplement of $2,000 from CMC Microsystems; upload your Engage documentation to your MNT application and receive an automatic award. For more information, please contact MNT@cmc.ca.

Also view the CFI Research Facilities Navigator, a searchable directory of participating research labs and facilities in universities, colleges and research hospitals across Canada that are open to working with business.