MNT Financial Assistance

MNT Financial assistance is intended to lower the barriers associated with conducting custom microfabrication and traveling to non-local facilities. This service is available to clients who hold a Subscription.

About the Financial Assistance Program

  • This is a competitive program and applications are peer reviewed against CMC's Effectiveness Criteria.
  • Microfabrication Awards will be for 80% of the MNT fabrication costs up to a maxiumum of $2,000.
  • Eligible costs: costs invoiced by the MNT lab for mask fabrication, user access, and machine usage; reasonable costs for consumables associated with the project and invoiced by the lab.
  • Ineligible costs: accessories (e.g. tweezers, sample holders), consumable materials (e.g. wafers, chemicals) not invoiced by the MNT lab (e.g., from third party vendors).
  • Travel Awards will be for actual costs for travel, accommodation, meals up to a maximum of $1,500 for those travelling > 100km to the facility. Distance exceptions may be made for specific cases.
  • A voucher will be provided by CMC confirming the award (value and duration). 



To be eligible to receive financial assistance for microfabrication and related travel:

  • The applicant's faculty supervisor must hold a Subscription.
  • The applicant must be a graduate student at a Canadian University and registered with CMC.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows will be considered on an exceptional basis and must hold a CMC account.
  • The applicant must obtain WHMIS Certificate and lab safety training.
  • The applicant must have no outstanding fabrication or test reports with CMC. If you obtained financial assistance from CMC in the past, make sure you have submitted a Fabrication Report form.
  • Agree to the terms below.

Terms of Financial Assistance

  • Financial Assistance will be awarded for custom microfabrication conducted at Canadian university-based facilities only (see MNT Portal for some useful links).
  • The fabrication and related travel must occur within four months of the award (vouchers are valid for only four months) – extensions will be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  • Awardees must:
  • Ensure the voucher is signed and dated by the lab manager of the facility as proof that the named student conducted microfabrication at the facility within the award period.
  • Submit a Fabrication Report within three months of completing the work.  Once your application has been approved, the Fabrication Report Link will be enabled.
  • Acknowledge CMC in any related publications.
  • The MNT financial assistance is non-transferable and must be used only by the awardee and for the fabrication noted in the application.
  • All members of the Research Team (as listed on the original application) must have an account with CMC.
  • For the Travel Award component CMC will compensate researchers for all reasonable and approved expenses, reference the CMC travel procedures for details. Awardees wishing to drive more than 500km should first seek approval from CMC.  

Important Deadlines

MNT financial assistance applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. To be considered for financial assistance, it is important that you apply by 4:00 pm ET on the submission deadline date. See below for important dates.

  • Submission Deadline: 10th of the month. Exception: one week earlier in December.
  • Notification of Acceptance: End of the month.
  • Fabrication Report Deadline: 3 months after completing the fabrication.

Apply Online

The on-line application form will time out after 30 minutes. To make the submission process easier, we recommend that you prepare the following information in advance to drop into the form:

  • List of publications.

  • Title of the project.

  • Description of the project.

  • Explain the need for a custom microfabrication.

  • A figure of the process flow.

  • Testing and characterization procedure.

  • Information to address the CMC's Effectiveness Criteria. Peer review of the application is  based on these criteria.

To start an application, go to Resource Competitions

Expedited application for projects under a NSERC ENGAGE Grant

Please indicate in the application if the project is supported by an ENGAGE grant through NSERC. If so, the application process can be expedited; upload your Engage documentation to your MNT application for automatic award. 

Financial Assistance Payments

  • The Student’s academic supervisor must hold a CMC Subscription.
  • The Microfabrication Award component will be paid by a cheque made out to the subscriber. 
  • For the Travel Award component :
  • All claims must be submitted to CMC Microsystems within fifteen (15) calendar days of the return from the MNT Fabrication Facility using the travel expense form. 
  • Original receipts, e.g., the detailed restaurant bill and not the credit card payment slip, are required.


Forms should be submitted to: 
Danielle Leroux,  CMC Microsystems 
945 Princess Street, Suite #103
Kingston, ON, K7L 0E9

Reimbursement cheques will be issued within 4 weeks of receipt of the documentation. If you have any question regarding the above please contact, or 613-530-4785.