Read on for an overview of how to access our fabrication services. Includes Fabrication Schedule and grant application process.

For faculty (and their students) who hold a Subscription and are at a Canadian universities, access to services is available in the following ways:

  1. Subsidized access for academic research designs awarded through a resource competition process.
  2. Full cost-recovery access for academic research designs taking advantage of CMC's preferred pricing agreements.

Alternatively, if you're from an international or commerical entities, access is available for selected technologies and by special arrangement. Please contact fab@cmc.ca

To apply for subsidized acccess:

  1. Get An Account
  2. Complete the application form: Microelectronics/MEMS/Microfluidics RFMR or  OPTO RFMR
  3. Submit it by the due date - see our Fabrication Schedule for the relevant dates. 

    You do not need to hold a Subscription to submit an application. However, award benefits are reserved for researchers who hold a Subscription. Applications are reviewed by an external Peer Review Committee who will make award recommendations based on CMC’s Effectiveness Criteria