Advanced Processing Platform: Nallatech 510T

The Advanced Processing Platform: Nallatech 510T provides a high-performance multi-FPGA compute accelerator platform for applications that require high-performance, low latency, large design capacity, memory bandwidth, and programmability.

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  • Accelerates research by providing a feature-rich platform for implementing and validating embedded system architectures and algorithms
  • Addresses specific research needs through a hardware/software programmable system and application-specific daughter cards (e.g., analog interface module)
  • Enables a faster path to commercialization by sourcing commercial-grade components and through compliance with commercial standards and interfaces (e.g., PCI-express, Ethernet)



  • Dell Precision Tower 7910 workstation
    • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 processors
    • 128 GB (8x16GB) 2400 MHz DDR RDIMM ECC memory
    • CentOS 6.8 Linux operating system
    • Pre-installed design environment:
      • Intel FPGA Quartus Prime Pro and SDK for OpenCL
      • Nallatech OpenCL High-Performance Computing (HPC) Board Support Package (BSP)
      • Nallatech HDL-based Built-in Self Test (BIST) design
      • Nallatech drivers, firmware and utilities
    • Dell 22” monitor
  • Nallatech 510T Compute Acceleration Card
    • GPU form factor card with (2) Intel Arria 10 10AX115 FPGAs; each FPGA features:
      • 1,150 Logic Elements (LEs)
      • 53Mb M20K memory
      • 1,518/1,518 hardened single-precision floating-point multipliers/adders
      • 3,036 18×19 multipliers
    • PCIe Gen3 x16 host interface
    • 290 GB/s peak aggregate memory bandwidth
      • 85 GB/s peak DDR4 memory bandwidth per FPGA (4 banks per FPGA)
    • Support for HDL design and Altera SDK for OpenCL

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