Altera/Intel-based DE5a-Net Arria 10 FPGA Development Kit

The Terasic DE5a-Net Arria 10 FPGA Development Kit provides an FPGA-based prototyping platform for system designs that require high-speed connectivity, large design capacity, memory bandwidth, and programmability with high-performance and low-power consumption. It is equipped with industry-standard peripherals, connectors, and interfaces that offer a rich set of features suitable for a wide range of compute-intensive applications.


  • Accelerates research by providing a feature-rich platform for implementing and validating embedded system architectures and algorithms
  • Addresses specific research needs through a hardware/software programmable system and application-specific daughter cards (e.g., analog interface module)
  • Enables a faster path to commercialization by sourcing commercial-grade components and through compliance with commercial standards and interfaces (e.g., PCI-express, Ethernet)



  • Intel FPGA (Altera) Arria 10 GX FPGA (10AX115) featuring:
    • 1,150k Logic Elements (LEs)
    • 53 Mb M20K memory
    • 3,036 18 x 19-bit multipliers
    • 1,518/1,518 hardened single-precision floating-point multipliers/adders
  • FPGA Configuration: On-board USB-Blaster II, JTAG and Fast Passive Parallel (FPP) configuration
  • Memory: 256 MB Flash, 2x 8GB 933 MHz DDR2 SODIMM
  • Connectors and Interfaces: 4 QSFP+ connectors, PCIe Gen3 x8 edge connector, 1 RS422 expansion header
  • General user I/O: 2 LEDs, 1 bracket LED array, 4 push-buttons and 2 slide switches, 8-position DIP switch, 2 seven-segment displays
  • Other components: Temperature sensor, power monitor, fan control

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