Lumerical INTERCONNECT CAD tool is a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design and analysis environment. Included with the tool is a library of PIC elements, optical sources, and measurement elements.

The tool contains a hierarchical schematic editor, a circuit solver that performs optical time and frequency domain analyses, offers a SPICE model interface and the ability to perform statistical and yield analysis.

Lumerical INTERCONNECT integrates with many other EDA tools.
Software Version Latest release
Operating System System Requirements
Bit Level 64-bit
  • Faculty with a Professor Research Subscription receive access that allows you, your students, and your research staff to access Lumerical INTERCONNECT software.
  • Five concurrent use instances per tool from the subscriber’s research team, to access a shared license pool.
  • Access for one year
  • Use of this design tool is subject to the software licensor’s usage terms and conditions set out in their License Agreement and Academic and Educational Addendum which can be found at
  • All CMC Microsystems account holders with a Professor Research subscription are authorized to access this product.
For more information, contact the Licensing Administrator at 613-530-4787 or

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