April 2023


Canada-US semiconductor manufacturing corridor is an opportunity for Canada

President Biden’s visit to Ottawa was important for Canada, and our semiconductor industry in particular.
This is part of a larger semiconductor manufacturing trade agreement, or “corridor” which is great news for Canadian innovation and our national interests. 

2022-23 Activity Report Now Open 

We are asking professors to complete it by May 19th, 2023.  It is the time of the year again where CMC is asking professors to complete their annual Activity Report to measure the impact of CMC-delivered infrastructure on your research and training. The information collected in the Activity Report is vital for funders and will be used to report the impact of the ADEPT project (CFI #33513) in the CFI Progress Report. Please check your emails and contact Sandra Poulin at for any assistance. 


Fabrication of Integrated Components for the Internet’s Edge.  A Proposal to Canada’s Federal Government.  Learn more

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Closeup of a microsystems chip

22nm CMOS FDX, 45nm CMOS RFE, 45nm CMOS RFSOI, 55nm CMOS

65nm CMOS, .18 µm CMOS

Applied Nanotools
NanoSOI, Silicon Nitride

0.35 µm CMOS High-Voltage 


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