Atlas 200 DK AI Developer Kit

The Atlas 200 DK (model: 3000) is a high-performance AI application developer board that integrates the Ascend 310 AI processor to facilitate quick development and verification. It has been widely used in scenarios such as developer solution verification, higher education, and scientific research.

AI-oriented heterogeneous computing architecture provides hierarchical APIs to help you quickly build AI applications and services based on the Ascend platform.


  • High integration
    • Powered by the Huawei Ascend 310 AI processor, and integrates various peripheral interfaces and the Mind Studio, facilitating access to the development environment and enabling quick development
  • Easy-to-use software environment
    • Mind Studio provides a user-friendly programming interface and GUI-based debugging, allowing automatic management of offline models with a simulation environment


  • Developer solution verification
    • Model verification
    • Solution verification
  • Higher education
    • Entry-level AI education
    • Talent cultivation
  • Scientific research
    • Application research
    • Algorithm research



AI Processor Ascend 310 AI Processor Ascend 310
AI Computing Power 22/16/8TOPS INT8 11/8/4 TFLOPS FP16
Memory LPDDR4X, 8 GB/4 GB, total bandwidth 51.2 GB/s
Encoding/ Decoding
  • H.264 hardware decoding, 16-channel 1080p 30 FPS (2-channel 3840 x 2160 @ 60 FPS)
  • H.265 hardware decoding, 16-channel 1080p 30 FPS (2-channel 3840 x 2160 @ 60 FPS)
  • H.264 hardware encoding, 1-channel 1080p 30 FPS
  • H.265 hardware encoding, 1-channel 1080p 30 FPS
  • JPEG decoding: 1080p 256 FPS; encoding: 1080p 64 FPS; maximum resolution: 8192 x 4320
  • PNG decoding: 1080p 24 FPS; maximum resolution: 4096 x 2160
Port Network: 1 GE RJ45 port USB: 1 USB 2.0/USB 3.0 port Camera: 2 51-pin connector Others: 1 40-pin I/O connector
Power Consumption Typical: 20 W

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Dr. Yassine Hariri
Senior Staff Scientist
AI/ML and Embedded Systems

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