BEEcube Software Defined Radio (SDR)


The BEEcube-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform is a high-performance platform with RF, FPGA, CPU and network interfaces, fully programmable from Matlab/Simulink and proprietary software. The large-capacity and customization features of the system allow for implementing complex Software Defined Radio system thus enabling research, development and test


  • Accelerates research by providing
    • A feature-rich platform for implementing and validating Software Defined Radio system architectures and algorithms
    • An automated design flow from MATLAB/Simulink (or similar environment), reducing development effort and enabling platform use by application/domain experts
  • Addresses specific research needs through a hardware/software programmable system, in particular:
    • High-performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
    • Hardware-based application acceleration
  • Enables a faster path to commercialization by sourcing commercial-grade components and through compliance with commercial standards and interfaces (e.g., PCI-express, Ethernet).
  • Technical support and training from CMC Microsystems



  • Large-capacity Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA
  • 4-GB DDR3 DRAM (expandable up to 16 GB)
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports (1 FPGA, 1 system)
  • Intel i7 processor module (host processor, remote access)
  • CentOS 6 Linux host environment
  • FMC expansion slot supporting BEEcube and 3rd-party expansion cards (including high-speed analog I/O, video)
  • BEEcube Platform Studio (BPS) software in MATLAB/Simulink automates FPGA flow from system-level
  • Support for Xilinx-based HDL flow
  • Reference designs and tutorials
  • Clusterable with additional miniBEEs and BEEcube BEE4 systems

RF Front End – FMC111

  • Tunable RF
  • 400 MHz to 6 GHz RF range
  • 2×2 MIMO capability
  • Dual Channel
  • Narrowband configuration:
    • 250 MSPS Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC)
    • 14-bit resolution
    • 80 MHz bandwidth
  • 16-bit DAC with 1 Gsps sampling rate
  • VITA-57 FMC-HPC Double-Wide form factor, connector and pinout

Radio Protocols Supported

  • 470 MHz to 1600 MHz: UHF DTV, LTE-17, LTE-13, LTE-5, ISM,LTE-8/GSM900 and GPS-L1
  • 1700 MHz to 2700 MHz: LTE-3, LTE-4, LTE-25, LTE-2, LTE-39, LTE-1, LTE-40, ISM, LTE-7 and LTE-38
  • 3.4 GHz to 5.7 GHz: LTE-42, UWB-3, ISM and U-NII-1 to 3

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