CAD Compute Cluster

The CAD Compute Cluster is a dedicated group of servers enabling researchers to improve the performance of large computational tasks.

image of 8 node server

8 Nodes Delivering 8.6 TFLOPS

Node configuration:

  • Dual 14-core 2.4-.3.3 GHz CPU
  • 4 nodes – 384 GB RAM
  • 4 nodes – 768 GB RAM
  • 100 Gb EDR node interconnect
  • 10 GbE storage network

Speed up Your Simulations

  • CMC engineers provide assistance in utilizing the infrastructure as well as domain knowledge on utilizing HPC infrastructure
  • Documentation/reference designs available for ANSYS, COMSOL, Xilinx and more
  • Uniform array available in standard and large memory configurations

Other Related Infrastructure

Design Environment Options to Optimize Use of the Cluster

  • Remote Desktop Access through CMC Cloud—a secure, high-performance environment. The CMC Cloud is managed by CMC which helps lower the technical support and administration costs of a research project.
  • Local Desktop Access through the STC Server Network that are regularly synchronized to deliver the latest updates to CMC supported CAD tools

Contact Us

Owain Jones
Manager, CAD Services
Office: 613.530.4784
Mobile: 613.484.6177

Access to leading-edge technology in the cloud now available to US academics!

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