Centellax BERT- TG1B1 -10G Bit Error Rate Tester

Characterize the error rate associated with transmission of digital signals between a component’s output and input. For researchers who require precise control of the input signal to their system-under-test over a broad range of frequencies, the TG1B1-A may be complemented by the Centellax clock synthesizer already available from the CMC test lending pool.

System Specifications​

  • One channel 0.5 to 12.5 Gbs pseudo-random bit sequence and bit error tester
  • 0.622-13.5 GHz TR1C1-A clock recovery module
  • Differential or single ended inputs and outputs
  • The unit can optionally be paired with the TG1C1-A Clock synthesizer (also available from the CMC lending pool) to extend the frequency range over which the BERT test can be performed
  • NI LabView and PC interface


Common application of the instrument includes characterizing the quality of the high-speed digital (electrical domain) signal propagating through your device through quantitative comparison of a system input and output.

This is a high-performance pseudo-random bit sequence generator and bit error tester that allows you to characterize the performance of a high-speed digital serial link. The Centellax combines the features of a a typical BERT test configuration in a small footprint instrument, which connects to your device using standard SMA cables.

Rent from CMC​

  • Request this equipment on a short-term loan basis.
  • Click here to complete the rental application.

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