CMC Microsystems Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Last update: March 31, 2020

During this period of the global COVID-19 pandemic CMC Microsystems is committed to supporting research and technology development to the best of our ability.  This includes helping students, professors, and entrepreneurs resume design, fabrication, and test activities as the situation improves in their region.  CMC employees are working from home and our support personnel are available.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

phtoto of man working at a desk with two monitors

CAD – Computer Aided Design Tools,

  • All tools are available as usual as well as technical support from CMC personnel.
  • Students and professors are using this time at home to work on their design and simulations. We are getting extra seats of software to lower wait times.
  • We recommend use of the CMC Cloud Design Environment to speed up your work.
photo of a hand holding microsystems chip

FAB – Services for making working prototypes,

  • Fabrication runs already scheduled are proceeding as planned unless most users cancel their design. Fabricated chips will be shipped provided the manufacturers are able to ship them to us, we find a cleanroom for any needed sorting, and you confirm you are able to receive them.
  • Some suppliers are warning us of manufacturing delays due to factory closures. We will keep you informed as this information is relayed to us.
  • Let us know if additional fabrication runs in the latter half of 2020 or thereafter would be useful to help keep your research project on track.
photo of a circuit board

LAB – Device validation to system demonstration,

  • Our equipment rental program is not operating as most equipment is inaccessible in university labs that are closed, we are unable to ship equipment, and researchers are unable to receive equipment. We’re still taking reservations but can’t guarantee the item will be available.
  • Our FPGA/GPU Cluster is up and running and accessible.

Training and Events

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Disruption to CMC online applications

Thursday, May28th 6am-9am EDT

CMC is making improvements to infrastructure that will temporarily affect license access to ANSYS Campus Solutions for research, Amira, Avizo, Coventor, DW2000, Labview, Optiwave, SoftMEMS, and Zemax CAD tools. These improvements will also affect access to the CMC Cloud web access and My Account sections of the website. All other online services will continue to operate normally. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.