Canada's National Design Network

Canada’s National Design Network (NDN) enables excellent multi-disciplinary research and complex prototype microsystems with the potential to be rapidly commercialized, positioning Canada to be a competitive player in all economic sectors.

The effectiveness of the NDN is dependent on the interactions between many individuals and organizations.

  • 1100+ faculty members (including 700+ subscribers) and their collaborators at 60+ post-secondary institutions across Canada
  • 40+ micro-nano technology (MNT) facilities providing lab processes and equipment at Canadian universities
  • 100+ industry partners and suppliers around the globe
  • 4000+ graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research staff as well as 4000+ undergraduate students supporting a high level of academic output
  • 900+ companies in Canada have collaborated with academic researchers or hired graduate students with microsystems competence and experience.
  • 10+ public funders from both federal and provincial levels
  • CMC Microsystems - 30 year history providing a foundation for microsystems R&D by managing projects and delivering infrastructure, services and support 

Benefits of the NDN

Over the past five years, researchers in Canada’s NDN have benefited from industrial tools, technologies, and support services valued at over $100 million.

Dr. David Plant (McGill University) leverages the power
of light to develop world-leading optical technologies that address the global need for ever-faster, cheaper, and more efficient communications.

Serial entrepreneur Hamid Arabzadeh credits Canada’s innovation ecosystem and its silicon photonics talent for the success of his startup company RANOVUS Inc.

   Faez Ba Tis (University of Toronto) developed a low-power, millisecond-fast actuator for a smartphone camera as his Master's thesis - work that he is continuing for his PhD
   Yonathan Dattner and PhD supervisor Dr. Orly Yadid-Pecht (University of Calgary), founded Luxmux Technology Corp. to commercialize their promising heavy oil-recovery technology 

What We Do:

  • Leading-edge tools, technologies, and solutions: Access products and services for designing, prototyping and testing your ideas and leverage available support to create a fully working proof-of-concept prototype.
  • Opportunities for networking, partnerships, and collaborations: Interact with experts from across Canada and around the world. Jump-start projects, accelerate discoveries and help set technical direction.
  • Support to translate research to commercial success: Access tools, technologies and expertise for commercial projects. Take your research from conception to commercialization. Train on the tools and infrastructure relevant to Canadian industry.


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