Stories in Bio 2012 to present

Alphonsus Ng, right, and supervisor Aaron Wheeler, University of Toronto

Monitoring disease with microfluidics

Drs. Brendan Crowley and Enver Kilinc, founders of Micromensio

A new approach to an old cure

Prof. Mojgan Daneshmand, University of Alberta

Controlling waves with MEMS

A nano-edge microelectrode developed by University of Calgary researchers Colin Dalton (right) and Pierre Wijdenes (left) is taking brain research to a new level.

Nano-micro electrode opens new frontiers in brain research

Pictured left to right: Malcolm Eade, Spectra CEO; Graham Gibson, Hannah Dies, Aris Docoslis and Josh Raveendran.

Nano research yields sensing breakthrough

Neil Roy Choudhury and Hamid Sadabadi, Concordia University graduates, leveraged their mutual expertise and interest in microfluidics and biosensing to create their Calgary-based startup, Frontier Fluidics.

New direction for a dependable dish

Channeling new approaches to assisted reproduction

Reinventing X-ray technology

Dr. Réjean Fontaine and his graduate students at Université de Sherbrooke

Small scanners offer big advances

Taking the sting out of injections

Micro-device offers potential to stop seizures before they start

Thinking outside the chip: Researcher’s smart petri dish solves biosensor challenge

University of Waterloo graduate, and founder of Novela Inc., Dr. Salam Gabran

Optogenetics device shines a new light on brain function

University of Waterloo graduate, and founder of Novela Inc., Dr. Salam Gabran

Flexible, implantable electrode offers new insights into brain function

Professor Oleschuck and team from Queen's University have developed a novel approach to nano-electrospray

Optical fibres inspire novel approach to nano-electrospray

University of Victoria Professor and his team are using 3D printing with MEMS to produce low-cost body-powered prosthetics

3D printing brings affordable prosthetic “Victoria Hand” to Guatemalans

Dr. Neil Sarkar, PhD graduate from University of Waterloo and founder of Integrated Circuit Scanning Probe Instruments (ICSPI) Corp.

Pioneering MEMS technology offers nano-scale ‘microscopy for the masses’

Dr. Pierre Berini and his research team have developed a plasmonic biosensor that could help millions by diagnosing Dengue early.

Plasmonic biosensor shows promise as early detector of Dengue disease

Dr. Karen Cheunch, Associate Professor at University of British Columbia, and doctoral candidate Jonas Flueckiger are developing a novel biosensor system

Novel biosensor R&D partnership benefits researchers and industry

Dr. Frédéric Mailhot, graduate student Gullaume, and Dr. Jean Rouat (right), Université de Sherbrooke

Resolving vision problems by configuring FPGAs to spike the brain’s neural networks

Dr. Winnie Ye, Canada Research Chair in Nano-scale Integrated Circuit Design for Reliable Opto-electronics and Sensors

Canada’s international leadership and research excellence in silicon photonics: Tackling demanding challenges

Increasing the rate of information transfer

Dr. Alan Fine, founder of Alentic Microscience Inc. and Professor at Dalhousie University

Visionary technology: Lensless microscopy generates game-changing imaging tool

Dr. Vamsy Chodavarapu, founder of Sharp Microsystems and Director of McGill’s Sensor Microsystems Laboratory

Sensing technology that could save life and limb

Dr. Konrad Walus, Aspect Biosystems founder and professor at The University of British Columbia.

Lab-on-a-printer brings 3D printed structures to life

Dr. Langis Roy and his research team at Carleton University have developed a sensor to monitor radiation dosages that are administered to blood to make it safer for transfusion

University expertise develops X-ray sensor for Canadian biomedical company

Thierry Courcier, Université de Sherbrooke doctoral candidate

Photodetector for biomedical applications takes semiconductor technology to a new level

Roozbeh Safavieh, founder of Sensoreal Inc.

Graduate student’s startup developing capillary-based microfluidic biosensors for medical applications

Dr. Shana Kelley and Dr. Jennifer Flexman

Detecting disease with nanostructured electrodes

Dr. Xinyu Liu, Assistant Professor at McGill University

Health care innovations through microrobotics and paper-based microfluidics

FlowJEM founders Eugenia Kumacheva and Jesse Greener

Innovative use of thermoplastics in microfluidic prototyping service

Ryan Denomme, founder of Nicoya Lifesciences

Bears, biomarkers and business opportunities

Dr. Mark Alexiuk, Wayne Schellekens, Senior Englineers, IMRIS; former University of Manitoba graduate student and IMRIS employee Szymon Rzeszowski; James Dietrich, RF Engineer, CMC Microsystems; and Dr. Greg Bridges, University of Manitoba

Lightening the load

Dr. Kenichi Takahata

Improving on implants

Dr. Dileepan Joseph

Designing cameras to compete with the eye

Dr. Sylvain Martel

Charting a course within the body

Dr. Munir El-Desouki

Research leads to innovative biophotonics products and services for global markets