Stories in Energy/Environment 2012 to present

Jayshri Sabarinathan, Professor at Western University

Seeing modern agriculture in a new light

Dr. Praveen Jain, Canada Research Chair in Power Electronics with PhD candidate Marko Krstic

Taking power conversion to a new level

Professor Jin Jiang, Western University

Harvesting humidity: A sustainable solution for a water-stressed world

Professor Jin Jiang, Western University

Exploring the potential of information technologies for the nuclear industry

Yonathan Datter, co-founder and president of Luxmux Technology Corporation with Orly Yadid-Pecht, University of Calgary professor and co-founder.

Photonic sensor developed to increase efficiency in oil extraction

Dr. Doug Thomson, University of Manitoba

Using sensor technology to more safely and cost-effectively monitor usage and condition of power lines and other utility infrastructure

Dr. Daryoosh Saeedkia (second from left), founder of TeTechS

Terahertz technology—benefiting both the environment and industry

Dr. Karin Hinzer

Here comes more sun power