Stories in ICT 2012 to present

Dr. David Roy-Guay is working with students to miniaturize his novel, diamond-based magnetometer prototype.

A gem of a technology

Andreas Moshovos from University of Toronto

Deep learning, big impact

Breaking Sound Barriers

University of Alberta Professor Walied Moussa and graduate student Shichao Yue

Unlocking the power of 3D touch

Pictured are AJ Guillon and John Reynolds (centre and right), founders of YetiWare Inc., who partnered with University of Toronto’s Dr. Paul Chow (left), a specialist in computer architectures, to create a novel operating system that enables faster, simpler development of programs for heterogeneous computing.

Building for the future: YetiWare takes on the heterogeneous computing challenge

Dr. Joyce Poon and Dr. Sorin Voingescu, Photonics Researchers at University of Toronto

Global conference recognizes made-in-Canada photonics innovations

Integration innovation: Low power, high function

Resolving a Quantum Conundrum

Novel transceiver paves the way for a battery-less future

Formi 3DP: Spawning the ‘stem cells’ for circuitry

A new heart for ATLAS -- with help from Canadian innovators

Novel receivers target world’s largest radio telescope

Integrated R&D community attracts innovative
chip designer to Canada

Dr. Brad Quinton, founder and CEO of Invionics Inc., and professor a University of British Columbua

Graduate nanofabrication research yields commercial opportunity

Dr. Brad Quinton, founder and CEO of Invionics Inc., and professor a University of British Columbua

EDA innovator helps companies, and students, succeed

Hamid Arabzadeh, University of Waterloo graduate and founder of Ranovus Inc.

Canadian startup’s quantum dot technology poised to transform data centre industry

Faez Ba Tis, University of Toronto doctoral student under the supervision of Dr. Ridha Ben Mrad

Novel optical MEMS research with commercial potential

Professor David Plant, an NSERC Industrial Research Chair at McGill University, is building high-performance photonic circuits enabling short-reach fiber optic interconnects.

Record-breaking solution targets intra-data centre communications

Dr. Winnie Ye, Canada Research Chair in Nano-scale Integrated Circuit Design for Reliable Opto-electronics and Sensors

Canada’s international leadership and research excellence in silicon photonics: Tackling demanding challenges

Increasing the rate of information transfer

Dr. Pavel Cheben, Senior Research Officer, National Research Council Canada, is internationally regarded for his expertise in integrated optics and photonics.

Canada’s international leadership and research excellence in silicon photonics: Tackling demanding challenges

Increase light coupling in the photonic integrated circuits

Collin Twanow, VP of Sales and Marketing, Micralyne (right), with Alex Edwards, VP of Commercial Operations, CMC Microsystems: partnership to bring a unique silicon MEMS process to market

Industrial-academic partnership speeds advanced silicon MEMS technology to market

Dr. Guy Bois is the Founder, President and Chief Scientist of Space Codesign

Electronic system level technology speeds up integration process for complex embedded systems

Najeeb Khalid, President CEO of Escher-Grad Technologies, Inc.

CMC channels resources for industrial production of printed circuit boards

Dr. Muhammad Alam, a graduate of University of Toronto, and his PhD co-supervisors, Professors Stewart Aitchison and Mo Mojahedi

Plasmonics research attracts worldwide attention

Dr. Sebastian Fischmeister in his Real-time Embedded Systems Lab at the University of Waterloo

Novel and diverting research tools to explore real-time operation of embedded systems

Senior Scientist, Dr. Yves Painchaud (right), with Martin Pelletier (left), and Carl Paquet (centre), members of TeraXion’s R&D team

Silicon Photonics—technology of the future for bandwidth-hungry applications

Dr. Li Chen, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan

Correcting errors in integrated circuits caused by radiation

Pierre Paulin, STMicroelectronics (Canada) with Peter Stokes and Yassine

International collaboration will deliver high-performance, low-power embedded vision platform to the R&D community

Dr. Safieddin Safavi-Naeini and PhD student Mehrdad Fahimnia

High-frequency and hands-free transfer of high-definition images

David Rolston

Optical engine fueled by innovative research and entrepreneurial capital

Nabeeh Kandalaft, Dr. Rashid Rashidzadeh, and Dr. Majid Ahmadi

Enriching the graduate student experience – and benefitting industry’s bottom line

Dr. Fadhel Ghannouchi, Dr. Leonid Belostotski, and Saeed Rezaei

Making wireless communications more energy efficient

Dr. Andreas Veneris

Research creativity brings commercialization reward by improving circuit verification

Dr. Andy Knights and his colleague Dr. Paul Jessop

Integrated silicon photonics system promises smaller, cheaper and faster fiber optical telecommunications