Help with Licensing

Licensing Overview

All technologies, hardware, and software available through CMC Microsystems are for ACADEMIC RESEARCH AND EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY, unless other arrangements have been confirmed in writing with CMC Microsystems.


Technology Usage Agreement

Usage terms and protection of proprietary information exchanged between CMC and faculty, students and staff in CMC Member Institutions are governed by the Technology Usage Agreement.


AMS 0.35 µm Design Kits

CMC is offering access to this 0.35-µm CMOS through CMP. The technology is available with a range of options, making it suitable for:

  • Imaging and optoelectronic detection
  • High-voltage operation (maximum 20-V gate, 50-V operating voltage)
  • Bulk micromachining of MEMS structures
  • Mixed-signal designs
  • High-speed digital circuits


Design Kits and Libraries Available Through the MOSIS Service

Through a partnership with MOSIS, CMC offers access to CMOS technology. Access is limited to MOSIS account holders who are approved by TSMC and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. You may access this technology only if your university has signed certain agreements with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, TSMC and MOSIS.


Teledyne DALSA Design Kits

CMC Microsystems offers access to Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor's MIDIS technology and 0.8-micron CMOS technology (CMOSP8) with three different process flavors, plus a MEMS post-processing option for the high-voltage process. 


ON Semi 500nm CMOS

The ON Semiconductor 0.5-micron CMOS (C5) process is a non-silicided CMOS process that has 3 metal layers and 2 poly layers, and a high resistance layer. Stacked contacts are supported. The process is for 5 volt applications.

It is suitable for general mixed-signal designs and some sensor designs such as bio-instrumentation sensor or imaging sensors, and for post-processing. It is useful for signal conditioning and control circuitry in integrated microsystems.