CMC Research Workshop: Networking and Cloud Computing Test Beds

In conjunction with IEEE CCECE'14, CMC Microsystems ran a research workshop on Networking and Cloud Computing Test-Beds. (May 2014, Toronto, Ontario)

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Opening Remarks

Dr. Ian McWalter and Dr. Darshika Perera (CMC Microsystems)

Topic 1

The SAVI Testbed for Software-Defined Infrastructure [Download presentation]


Mr. Thomas Lin and Dr. Albert Leon-Garcia (University of Toronto)


This talk presents a multi-tier computing cloud, the SAVI Testbed, in which the resources in the "Smart Edge" of the network play a crucial role in the delivery of low-latency and data-intensive applications. Resources in the Smart Edge are virtualized and managed using conventional cloud computing principles, but these resources are more diverse than in conventional data centers, including programmable hardware, GPUs, and etc. The group discusses the role of virtualization and propose an architectural design for future application platforms based on Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI), which features a novel SDI manager that operates on top of OpenStack and OpenFlow. An example of hardware virtualization will be showcased in the hopes of encouraging hardware research on testbeds. The group concludes by describing the current deployment of the SAVI Testbed and its ongoing work.

Topic 2

A Pragmatic Approach to SDN for Large Carrier Networks


Mr. Arashmid Akhavain (Huawei Technologies Canada)


SDN has been a success story in high capacity, controlled networks with small number of nodes.  In carrier networks; however, SDN requires to address a much greater scalability factor. In this presentation, Huawei discusses some of SDN’s scalability challenges, describe their research work to address these issues, and demonstrate prototypes to illustrate their solutions.

Coffee Break

Topic 3

IBM Research Cloud Computing: State of Art Analytics [Download presentation]


Mr. Blair Adamache (IBM Canada Research & Development Centre)


This presentation will cover available software for analytics and cloud computing, dealing with incomplete data in a sea of big data, incorrect supposition, and an overview of seven SOSCIP projects using IBM software and hardware to solve big data problems.

Topic 4

Cloud Computing for Research [Download presentation]


Dr. Bill Appelbe (ORION)


Cloud computing, outsourcing and shared services are coming of age for business and commercial software. But the research sector lags behind in adoption of Cloud for many reasons including reliance on traditional large custom HPC clusters, local acquisition of dedicated compute clusters, and especially the lack of easy access to provincial and national cloud computing and storage for non-IT experts.  This presentation will discuss ORIONs partnerships with commercial Cloud vendors in Ontario and progress on infrastructure and support to facilitate access to provincial Cloud leveraging ORIONs high speed networks.



Closing remarks

Dr. Peng Hu and Dr. Darshika Perera (CMC Microsystems)

Lunch Break


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Over the recent decades, networking and distributed computing test-beds in different scales and areas have helped researchers solve and understand many problems and provide scientific rigor for experiments that simulations cannot easily achieve. Test-beds composed by experimental platforms or facilities enable the remote experimentation and shared access to the test-bed resources, and provide real-world environments for the cutting-edge studies and university courses. However, the growing networking and cloud computing research activities and scale-up test-beds favor a standardized architecture, which allows various test-bed resources to be integrated and accessed efficiently and effortlessly. Therefore, some knowledge of test-beds such as design, implementation, usage and standardization still needs to be investigated.

This workshop brought together researchers and industry interested or experienced in the networking and cloud computing test-beds. The workshop had a work program consisting of brief presentations of networking test-bed projects, breakout sessions on specific topics, and a report summarizing the workshop outcomes. The workshop agenda addressed topics such as design and implementation of networking test-beds, next-gen Internet test-beds, scale-up wireless network test-beds, test-bed applications, and remote experimental facility/equipment access solutions. 

Major topics

  • Wireless networking and cloud computing test-beds (e.g., sensor networks, FPGA-based embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, cognitive radio networks, network security, parallel and distributed computing, vehicular networks, 4G networks, etc.)
  • Future Internet and software-defined networks test-beds
  • Standardization work regarding test-bed implementation and usage
  • Networking and remote access solutions to networking and microsystems test-beds
  • Test-bed design, evaluation, and implementation
  • Test-bed middleware, software components, and user interface
  • Test-bed applications (e.g., algorithms/protocols, industrial applications, remote experiments, etc.)