CMC Research Workshop: Canadian Printed Electronics Symposium 2014

at Mississauga, Ontario

CMC Microsystems in collaboration with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and the Printability and Graphic Communications Institute hosted this '2014 Canadian Printed Electronics Symposium'. This workshop-style symposium is designed for print buyers, printers, manufacturers, the aerospace and automotive industries, industry associations, and academic researchers. (April 2014, Mississauga, Ontario)

Printed electronics is a practical technology useful for producing form-fitting connected surfaces. In the hands of a creative individual, the technology is a means to apply imagination to the transformation of surfaces into sensing, interacting interfaces exchanging information with the local environment. Topics explored during the symposium included market opportunities and technological progress - information useful to reduce the risk for making related decisions. 

Major players from the industry were on hand to showcase their innovations, products and technological advances. Participants leave with information-rich content that will explain potential applications and innovations in the PE industry. 

**To download the presentations visit 'CMC Business & Technology Reports'.**


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