CMC Solutions

NSERC funding for CMC Microsystems ends March 2019, consequently the CMC Solutions program has been suspended and applications are no longer being accepted. The loss of funding to CMC and Canada’s National Design Network (CNDN) will impact your research. To have your voice heard through social media and/or letters of support to the federal government, please follow these instructions.  Thank you for your support!

Program Objective

CMC Solutions is a collaborative cost-sharing program that leads to joint R&D projects and that:

  • Directly contributes to client R&D objectives.
  • Adds to the set of technologies, services, or capabilities delivered to the National Design Network (NDN)—see topic areas or theme descriptions for guidance.
  • Stimulates value creation and/or contributes to training.

Some projects may not meet all these objectives—all applications will be considered and may be directed to other programs or support.


  • This program will defray costs for microsystems development and prototyping, and contribute HR resources for collaborative R&D projects that are structured for mutual benefit to clients and to the NDN.
  • Projects are solicited in a number of theme areas. These themes are linked to prioritized technologies, markets, research, and development areas. Project selection takes into account a fit to one or more themes. Unsolicited themes are also welcomed, and may indicate additional areas to shape support outside of the presented themes.
  • Projects may be initiated by academic or government researchers, or companies. Projects are research- and/or development-oriented, and are aligned with strategies for the NDN or more dedicated to client requirements.
  • Project expenses are shared between clients, CMC, and other collaborators.
  • CMC’s budget allocation reflects the expected benefit to the NDN.
  • Project duration is expected to be less than one year.
  • Continuing assistance may be available to those who intend to commercialize project output.

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