FACT Services for Micro-Nano R&D

Fabrication, Assembly, Characterization and Test

Turn your design into a successful prototype. Leverage experts and state-of-the-art toolsets from micro/nano fabrication laboratories at Canadian universities for custom fabrication and characterization services. 

The FACT Advantage:

  • One point of contact for nation-wide reach into capability and expertise
  • Collaborative problem solving, benefitting from the combined experience of CMC Microsystems and university lab engineers.
  • Client-focused project management
  • Partnerships for pre-production
  • Intellectual property (IP) framework to guide IP rights matters

FACT Services Include: 

  • Design consultation
  • Development and optimization of process flow
  • Characterization and testing of materials and devices
  • Custom fabrication and low-volume production  

Participating Labs:





Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy joins Canadian FACT Network
May 1, 2018

Lab2Fab2017: Integration for Innovation

Sep. 27, 2017

Canada's FACT Network welcomes 4D LABS
Nov. 25, 2015

Etched-in Success kicks off national discussion on micro-nanofab innovation
Nov. 9, 2015

CMC launches FACT network to leverage expertise in Canada's nano laboratories
Re$earch Money, Oct. 10, 2015


FACT Services are available for Academic Research and Industrial R&D. For more information, contact:

Andrew Fung Client Technology Advisor, Microsystems and Nanotechnology

Tel: 613.530.4785
E-mail: FACTServices@cmc.ca

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