FACT Network Capabilities

Realize custom fabrication and characterization projects using processes from leading university labs. 

Technical Expertise:

FACT Laboratories deliver results using expertise and equipment at Canadian universities. State-of-the-art toolsets for micro-nano fabrication and analysis enable custom solutions to varied processing problems, from proof of concept to development and pre-production.
  • Photonics circuits
  • MEMS machining
  • Specialty coatings
  • Advanced materials characterization

Download the FACT Services Capabilities Catalogue (PDF)

Research Examples:

A concept of a monolithic integration of MEMS components with optical waveguides to build an interferometer.



An Ohmic contact MEMS switch using gold as a structural material to build reconfigurable systems at high frequencies.




A microsurgery step using Focused Ion Beam to cut traces on a GaN chip.


Services for Micro-Nano R&D Webinar Series 2015

Session #1 - Etched in Stone: Advanced Lithography | Watch the recording now
Session #2 - Semiconductors, and polymers, and metals! Oh my: Thin-film Materials Processing | Watch the recording now
Session #3 - A micron wide and ten angstroms deep: Metrology and Materials Characterization | Watch the recording now
Session #4 - Good things come in packages: Packaging and Assembly | Watch the recording now

Past FACT Webinars: 

Watch the recording of the first FACT webinar, micro-nano fabrication and characterization services assisting academic and industrial R&D, in the NDN Hub.