Pricing and Eligibility

  • FACT Services are available for academic and industrial R&D
  • A quote based on the specific R&D requirements will be provided in response to a Request for FACT Services.
  • Special benefits for academics with a Prototyping Subscription include price discounts, which are typically more than 50% off market prices.
    - CMC shares the costs associated with prototype development, including feasibility study, equipment time, materials, and engineering support.
    - Clients can apply for discounts as part of the Request for FACT Services process.  The application is peer-reviewed to ensure resources are allocated to projects that will contribute to an increasingly competitive microsystems industry and deliver more highly skilled microsystems professionals in Canada. Effectiveness Criteria

Examples of peer-review pricing with Prototyping Subscription

  • Silicon mold using DRIE ...... $5210
     Generation of layout per client specs
     Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio silicon structures (three design variations) using combination of optical and e-beam lithography, and DRIE
  • Transparent ITO reflectarrays ...... $1740
     Fabrication of two photomasks
     Deposition and ion milling of 1 um ITO layer on two silica wafers
     Annealing of ITO
  • Wirebonding and Parylene C coating of MEMS sensors ...... $1190
     Acquisition of parts and custom machining of steel casing 
     Wirebonding of dice on TO headers (qnty 6)
     4 um Parylene C coating
  • Through-wafer DRIE on bonded SOI-borofloat wafers ...... $1130
     Client supplies pre-processed bonded wafers and photomask
     Process verification on test wafers
     Photolithography, DRIE, and resist strip on two product wafers
  • Ion implantation ...... $960
     Double-junction ion implantations on four pre-processed SOI wafers
     Rapid thermal annealing