The FACT Advantage

FACT Services is committed to quality. We understand the challenges of microfabrication R&D, and every project receives our best efforts.

Technical expertise

FACT Laboratories deliver results using expertise and equipment at Canadian universities. State-of-the-art toolsets for micro-nano fabrication and analysis enable custom solutions to varied processing problems, from proof of concept to development and pre-production.


Types of Projects 

Labs in the FACT Network are primarily user-access facilities, offering researchers hands-on access and training with the support of experienced technical staff. Through FACT Services, clients can engage the Network in service projects, where fabrication is conducted by staff members with on- or off-site involvement of the client.

– Standard process

Staff deliver fee-for-service projects using only routine and well-characterized recipes that can be completed in a predictable length of time. Examples: photomask fabrication; standard photolithography, thin-film deposition, and etch; critical dimension SEM imaging.

– Development

Scope of work can involve design consultation, development and characterization of custom processes, and collaborative development decisions. Multi-phase development projects may benefit from “lead lot” evaluation and stage-gated decision making. Examples: Development of fabrication process for SU-8 microneedles; development of silicon-nitride photonic waveguides.

– On-site R&D

The client works hands-on at the facility with staff engineering support. The scope of work can range from single-specimen characterization to prototyping and low-volume production. 

Project Management Process 

FACT Services will create a dedicated project to deliver the requested services, which can include consultation, process design, fabrication, and testing. Lead samples can be used for evaluation and feedback in advance of the final deliverables.

Every project progresses through a process designed to reduce risk and maximize success. An electronic Statement of Work (eSOW) facilitates interaction between the client and the delivery team through each stage of the project.

IP Management

The FACT Network has established an intellectual property (IP) framework to facilitate lab-to-lab and lab-to-fab collaboration. The FACT Network Intellectual Property Framework is a guide to the various issues regarding IP rights that FACT Network laboratories and clients may encounter when participating in R&D projects, including IP ownership, usage rights and confidentiality. The framework encourages laboratories to share their know-how with others in the FACT Network, taking into account relevant IP considerations from the outset. 

MNT Lab Working Group

The Working Group develops a strategy to network service-ready nanofabrication labs in Canadian academic institutions, and to establish a path to technology scale-up through partnerships. Its overall purpose is to expand and improve the quality of R&D project services available to academic and industrial clients. Read more.