MNT Award

The MNT Award supports custom microfabrication projects at open-access facilities in the CNDN:

  • MNT Award: 80% of the fabrication costs up to $2000.
  • Travel supplement (for travel >100 km to the facility): costs for travel, accommodation and meals up to $1,500.

Applicant Eligibility

  1. Graduate student or post-doctoral fellow at a Canadian University and registered with CMC (including all members listed on application).
  2. The applicant's faculty supervisor must hold a subscription at the time of award. One may apply for an award prior to subscription.
  3. Has no outstanding fabrication or test reports with CMC.

Key Dates

Applications are reviewed monthly.

  • Submission Deadline: 10th of the month by 4:00 pm ET. Exception: one week earlier in December.
  • Notification of Decision: End of month.
  • Duration: 4 months from date of notification for MNT Award.
  • Fabrication Report Deadline: Within 3 months after completing fabrication/training.


Selection Criteria

MNT Award facilitates custom microfabrication and travel to non-local facilities. This is a competitive program and applications are peer reviewed against CMC's Effectiveness Criteria.

Award Information

  • Eligible costs: costs for mask fabrication, user access and machine usage; reasonable costs for consumables associated with the project and invoiced by lab.
  • Ineligible costs: accessories (e.g. tweezers, sample holders), consumable materials (e.g. wafers, chemicals) not invoiced by the MNT lab (e.g., from third party vendors).
  • Those who hold NSERC Engage/ Alliance grants are eligible for automatic award with a letter of support and documentation from the industry research partner.
  • Award is only for microfabrication conducted by the applicant team at user-access facilities at Canadian universities (Locate your Lab). For Travel Award, refer to CMC travel procedures.
  • Award is non-transferable and must be used only by the awardee and for the project proposed in the application. Ensure you have submitted any outstanding fabrication or test reports.
  • Acknowledge CMC in any related publications.
  • Award funds will be paid by a cheque to subscriber. For details refer award payment details.

If you have any question, please contact, or 613-530-4785.