Summary of Travel Procedure

  1. The traveller has a responsibility to make the most economical arrangements for transportation/ accommodation (this includes advance booking fares, promotional packages, Saturday night stays where possible, etc.).
  2. Air/Rail/Bus/Local Travel - reimbursed at the economy rate (exception of business class for health reasons only and first class travel by train during a meal time is acceptable. Boarding passes and a copy of the ticket confirmation must accompany e-tickets).
  3. Rental Vehicles - are an allowable expense if it is the most cost-effective method of transportation. (Note: parking tickets and traffic tickets are not allowable expenses).
  4. Personal Automobile - when used out of personal preference on approved CMC business for round trips under 1000 km, reimbursement will be at a rate of .55 cents per km.
  5. Other Accommodations - travellers staying with relatives or friends may claim $30/evening in lieu of accommodation expense.
  6. Meals - reimbursement is based on original itemized receipts. All reasonable expenses will be reimbursed. The daily maximum is $70.25. Suggested guidelines are: $15.60 for breakfast, $14.85 for lunch, $40.85 for dinner.
  7. Personal Items - claims will not be accepted for personal items, for example, in-room movies, and expenses incurred by individuals not related to CMC business or activities.
  8. Miscellaneous Items - must be explained in the space provided
  9. Currency conversion cost - indicate amount converted, rate and date.
  10. Where a hotel bill lists other charges in addition to room charges (meals, etc.) they do not need to be shown separately on the claim form. Detailed/itemized receipts are required for any meals that are charged to a hotel bill. Please ask the restaurant to provide one.
  11. Documentation - any expenditure of more than $10 must be supported by an original itemized invoice/receipt slip which indicates the amount spent, nature of expenditure, and recipient of payment (credit card receipts, Interac receipts, credit card statements, cancelled cheques and photocopies of receipts are not acceptable).
  12. All prepaid travel receipts (e.g., air/hotel/registration) must be attached.
  13. Claims must be signed by the claimant and approved by the person responsible for the project plus the Treasurer.
  14. Please allow 15 working days for claims to be processed. Direct inquiries to the attention of the Financial Assistant:
  1. Please mail claims to:
    CMC Microsystems, Attn: Danielle Leroux
    945 Princess Street, Suite #103
    Kingston, ON, Canada K7L 0E9