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Making Light Work

Supporting Photonics R&D and Training
Researchers across Canada’s National Design Network have access to the world’s best design tools and manufacturing technologies. These resources have enabled NDN innovators to advance more than 600 photonics and optoelectronics projects to fabrication, including more than 450 silicon photonics projects.


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  • IME Silicon Photonics | Schedule TBD - for information contact
  • III-V Epitaxy Only on GaAs or InP Substrate | Monthly 

*To submit an application, visit the fabrication schedule and select 'Opto' technology from the menu.*

TRAINING 2017 - - CMC and Si-EPIC

  • Active Photonics Fabrication Workshop 2017/18
    Registration details, dates, location will be announced soon!

*Training workshops include options for industry and academics. For inquires: Jessica Zhang* 

CMC was proud to be an official sponsor of

Read CMC's special release for the opening ceremony: Canada's photonics ecosystem: Making light work. See how Canadian's participated at Canada's IYL partner website: Read about the IYL closing ceremony (February 2016).


  • Read our products & services overview: a Photons Canada webinar by CMC Microsystems (PDF)

  • See all CMC Fabrication Reports including SPECIAL RELEASES:
    • NDN Photonic Designs Fabricated through CMC, 2014/15 & 2015/16 | Complimentary download
    • NDN Photonic Designs Fabricated through CMC, 2012/13 & 2013/14 | Complimentary download

Photonics Design Environment 

Photonics Prototyping Capabilities 

Training - And More

  • Training: CMC, in partnership with UBC/Si-EPIC (Silicon Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits), is providing an opportunity for training industry and academics in the design, fabrication and test of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) targeting IME's silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology and for opto-electronics integration targeting IBM 0.13 um CMOS technology. More than 200 individuals have been trained and had their designs fabricated via this globally recognized program. For details visit: Training Courses and Tutorials. Includes:
       – Passive Silicon Photonics Fabrication
       – Active Silicon Photonics Fabrication
       – CMOS-Silicon Photonics Design
       – System Integration and Packaging 
    Note: (1) Visiting students are eligible to apply for CMC Financial Assistance towards travel and accommodations. (2) Visiting students from the universities indicated in the Western Deans' Agreement have their UBC tuition fees waived.
  • Webinars: Past webinars are available in the NDN Hub


  • Dan Deptuck, Staff Scientist, Optoelectronics Engineering | +1.613.530.4670 | 
  • Jessica Zhang, Optoelectronics Design Engineer | +1.613.530.4782 | 
  • Rob Mallard, Optoelectronics Engineer | +1.613.530.4781 | 
  • Susan Xu, Senior Engineer, System-Level Integration | +1.613.530.4692 |
  • Patricia Greig, Photonics CAD and Test Engineer | +1.613.530.4662 |
  • Yule Xiong, Photonics Support Engineer | +1.613.530.4687 | 
  • For industrial services: Ray Filteau, Manager, Sourcing & Supply | +1.613.530.4789 |  

Canada's National Design Network - Photonics Success Stories

There is a vibrant photonics ecosystem in Canada. The transformation in products and services made possible by putting light to work increasingly has a made-in-Canada label. We’re pleased to work with Canadian innovators who contribute significantly to global advances in this field. Our post-secondary institutions are exemplary in engaging their students to become the next generation of photonics innovators.
                                                     - Dan Gale, Vice-President and CTO, CMC Microsystems - 

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