Subscription Upgrade: Basic to Designer

Subscription Upgrade: Basic to Designer
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Upgrading from a Basic to Designer Subscription provides access to all the benefits of the Designer Subscription including:

  • The products and services available through Subscription are intended to enable excellent research, development, and innovation in microsystems and nanotechnologies.
  • Access to a range of existing products and services including early access to Design Tools and Technologies, Development Systems, Process Design Kits, Design Flows, Application Notes, IP Libraries and Reference Designs, Training Materials, Engineering Support, and Design Rule Checking Service. Subscribers have the flexibility to swap each of their Design Tool selections once within the 12 month subscription period and access another tool.
  • Access to Basic Subscription products and services including an online Community Space, Discussion Forums, Business & Technology Reports, and the opportunity to provide priority recommendations for topics and analyses.
  • Access to new products in these categories as they become available.
  • Eligibility to apply for discounts on transaction-based products and services, including Events and Workshops, Training Courses, CAD Tool License Access, and Short-term Equipment Loan.

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Acknowledging CMC

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