Embedded Software Application Notes

Name Summary
Application Note: Mapping the Synopsys ASIP Designer tmicro Processor Example to the Xilinx ML605 FPGA Development Kit This application note demonstrates how to implement a processor design, developed using Synopsys ASIP Designer, in hardware on a Xillinx ML605 FPGA Development Board using ASIP Designer's RTL generation capabilities.
Application Note: Developing Applications for XD2000i System Using Mitrion-C Description of using Mitrion-C language to develop applications for the XD2000i in-socket accelerator platform
Application Note: Using CoWare Processor Generator and Processor Debugger to Simulate a Processor Model Written in LISA ADL Instructions on using CoWare Processor Generator and Processor Debugger to simulate and debug an application that targets a processor described by a LISA model
Application Note: Developing Device Drivers for Linux Kernel 2.4 Device drivers design description for customized hardware components
Application Note: Porting Embedded Linux to a New Platform Procedure to port embedded Linux to a new platform