PXI Cards and System Loan Pool

PXI cards and systems are available for loan to enhance your microsystems test capability.

The equipment listed can be combined to enhance your test capability. For example, the Keysight Vector Signal Generator (VSG) comes with the ability to share a local oscillator to generate phase-coherent signals from a system with two VSGs. Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) cards can be combined and calibrated to create a large multi-VNA test setup.

The following are available in the Canada’s National Design Network (CNDN):

Manufacturer Product Description
National Instruments PXIe-5162 Oscilloscope
National Instruments PXIe-4137 Source Measurement Unit
National Instruments PXIe-5668R Vector Signal Analyzer
Keysight M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator
Keysight M9375A PXIe Vector Network Analyzer
Keysight M9019A PXIe Chassis
Keysight M9037A PXIe Embedded Controller

You may book any of the equipment by filling the Test Equipment Booking Request Form. If you need further assistance, contact James Millar at james.millar@cmc.ca.

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