Equipment Loan Fees


Fees will be applied for any equipment which is held longer than the standard loan period for that item. The intent is to encourage prompt return of the equipment—improving the availability of instrumentation for use by other researchers and enabling a bigger impact to be realized from capital investments in the Equipment Loan Program.

*Most users will not incur any fee*

Fee Structure

  • Researchers with a CMC Subscription can benefit from a three-month free access period on equipment borrowed from the CMC Test Equipment Pool (see exception below).  If a loan is to be extended beyond the initial period, the following rental prices apply:
    • $100/month or $50/month, depending on the instrument
      • Exception: The charge-free period for the Laser Beam Profiler tool is one month
      • Ancillary items will be bundled with the primary instrumentation and not charged out individually
  • Individuals without a CMC Subscription may also access the resources. Full commercial rates will apply and there will be no free period.
  • All users will be charged full replacement cost for parts or equipment lost or damaged through misuse. 

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