Advanced RF Systems Lab

- University of Manitoba

The Advanced Radio Frequency Systems Laboratory provides an array of resources to enable comprehensive analog testing of microwave systems operating over a frequency range up to 110 GHz. The lab is capable of probe-based testing on wafer or individual die. The lab’s prober accommodates up to four RF single or differential probes. Lab resources include generic RF and bias probes that are needed for many common probe-based tests. Packaged device test is available using waveguide and coaxial connectors, or a universal test fixture. Custom RF circuits and bias boards can be created with the lab's milling machine. Lab access fees apply. Dedicated engineering support is available to help you get the most out of the lab resources and accelerate your research.

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March 2017 - A large shielded chamber microwave probing system was donated by EVERBEING INT’L CORP to the Advanced RF Systems Lab. The EB-8 system will enhance the lab’s capabilities in testing custom microwave, semiconductor and microfluidic microsystems.



Test Capabilities

The ARFSL allows you to implement a wide range of tests for RF system characterization and de-bug. Browse our list of core capabilities.

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Client Research Test Examples

Browse the examples of client research performed in the ARFSL.

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Lab Equipment

Browse the list of instrumentation available in the ARFSL, including vector network analyzers, noise sources, spectrum analyzers and probers, and access our suite of equipment user guides.

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The ARFSL also offers a broad range of test methodology guides, application notes, and support documentation.

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Browse the list of services provided by the ARFSL.

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Access Fees 

The ARFSL is open to academic and non-academic researchers on either a pay-per-use or annual subscription basis. Canadian academic researchers are eligible for significant cost reductions.

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