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Name Summary
User Guide: Introduction to the Vector Network Analyzer and Calibration (ICI-181) This user guide prodides an overview of the VNA, and instructions on using two different types of calibration to characterize a DUT and comparing the results.
User Guide: Noise Figure Measurements (ICI-180) Three methods of noise figure measurement using different devices
User Guide: Measuring Intermodulation Distortion of an Amplifier (ICI-179) Instructions on using Agilent E4448A PSA Spectrum Analyzer (PSA) and its automated calculation of the Third Order Intercept (TOI) function
User Guide: Test Procedure for De-embedding Fixture Effects (ICI-178) Introduction on the process of de-embedding fixture effects or other parasitic effects that cannot otherwise be removed from the Device-Under-Test (DUT) during measurement
User Guide: De-Embedding Test Procedure (ICI-166) De-embedding procedures on Anritsu 37397D Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
User Guide: Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) (ICI-165) This user guide focuses on Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) using two-tone Testing. It provides the user with procedures to test IMD on the Spectrum Analyzer both manually and automatically.
User Guide: Gain Compression Test Procedure (ICI-164) Gain compression and gain flatness measurements on the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and the Spectrum Analyzer
User Guide: Calibration Techniques (ICI-163) Description of different types of calibration techniques
User Guide: Introduction to VNA and S-Parameter Measurements (ICI-162) Introduction on using the Anritsu 37397D Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) through both the Front Panel and the Remote Interface
Test: High-Speed Circuit Test Guide