Milling Machine Prototyping Services

- at ARFSL, University of Manitoba

The ARFSL is offering milling services to researchers at Canadian universities. With the T-Tech HF5000 milling machine (, the ARFSL will prototype custom designs for RF and microwave applications. Currently, the lab is accepting designs in Gerber and DXF file formats, or as an Ansoft Designer Layout file. This service is being offered at a subsidized cost to NMPTC clients, with a focus on rapid prototype turnaround.

Working prototypes produced in the lab include hybrid couplers, Lange couplers, power dividers and filters for the 2.45 GHz ISM band. Typical substrates and assembly components are available in the lab, or clients can provide their own material. Custom packaging options are available by consultation. For more details about the capabilities and information about access and fee schedule, please contact ARFSL engineer, James Dietrich, 204.474.9649,