Noise Figure Measurement

Test Description

This test measures the Noise Factor and Noise Figure (NF) of active and passive component devices by applying noise power from a noise source to the input of the spectrum analyzer. To determine the Noise Figure using the Y-factor method, either use the SA output in the Noise Source on/off states, or use the PSA's Noise Figure Personality to measure NF directly.


Principal Equipment Involved

  • Agilent E4448A PSA Spectrum Analyzer
  • Noise Source
    • 346C: 26GHz
    • 346CK01: 50GHz or
    • Quinstar V & W Band Waveguide
    • Anritsu Power Meter (optional)


    Important Specifications 

    NF measurements have not been confirmed above 26GHz using the NF personality in the PSA.


    Access Options

       Local Test
       Remote Test