Getting Started

Step 1: Select a Lab: Digital, RF, Mixed-Signal, or Photonics

Select one of the four available NMPTC labs:

You will be directed to the main webpage of your choice, and there you will see links to that lab's test equipment catalogue and its reservation booking program.


Step 2: Review the Lab Equipment Catalogue

Browse the equipment webpages to discover the possibilities for testing your device or system.


Step 3: Check reservations in the Lab Calendar

Determine the availability of your selected equipment in the relevant Lab Calendar.


Step 4: Book a Time

Make a reservation or reservations through the Lab Calendar. The appropriate lab engineer will receive an e-mailed copy of your request(s), and be alerted to your intentions.You can add to, modify and/or cancel your reservations at any time.


Step 5: Wait to use the Lab

Before you begin your work at an NMPTC site, you are expected to be familiar with all safety and equipment handling regulations, if you are conducting your tests in person. If you are not certain about lab policies or regulations, or you have doubts as to your level of understanding and preparedness, seek advice from the lab engineer.

It would be wise while waiting if you studied the equipment manuals, made a list of accessories you will need, thought of other test possibilities that may arise, or considered what additional debugging may have to be done to characterise your circuit/module/system.


Step 6: Use the Lab

The lab engineer is there to support you during your test time, and to help you in all reasonable ways. Special accomodations can be made for researchers if enough notice is provided. For example, CMC manages a Test Pool of equipment that can also be requested by users for their NMPTC work.