Training: Semiconductor Technology for Non-Techies (TNT)

15sepAll DayTraining: Semiconductor Technology for Non-Techies (TNT)CMC-hosted training

Event Details

The training is for non-technical professionals in supporting roles such as HR, finance, procurement, and IT, who may not be involved in chip design or manufacturing but still need to understand the basic concepts and technical jargon used in the industry to work more efficiently.

Our goal is to equip participants with the foundational knowledge they need to be more productive and successful in their careers.

The course covers technical concepts in a simplified and accessible manner, so even if you’re not a tech whiz, you’ll still be able to understand the development process, cycle and various entities involved in the semiconductor ecosystem.

We’ll give you a comprehensive insight into the industry’s unique nature, target applications, and markets, helping you understand the industry dynamics and envision various potential future scenarios.

We strive to make this a fun and engaging learning experience, using real industry experience to give you a practical understanding of the concepts we cover.


All Day (Friday) EDT

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