February 2021


Congratulations to this year’s TEXPO and Colton Award winners.

Xanadu and CMC approve the development of quantum computing applications. Learn more about the 5 projects.

Interested in commercializing a new technology? The Virtual Incubator Environment is here to help support you..


Coming Soon! 

  • Virtual Roundtable: University of Laval | March 2
  • Virtual Workshop: Accelerating AI 2021 | April
  • Virtual Training: GPU/FPGA-based inference of Deep Neutral Networks | April
  • Virtual Training: Deeplite AI-Driven Optimizer for Cloud and Edge | April
  • Virtual Roundtable: University of Calgary | April 30
  • Virtual Training: FinFET Layout | May 10-21

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Don’t miss upcoming application and design submission deadlines for the following technologies. Learn more about recent price changes or view our complete technology portfolio.

Closeup of a microsystems chip

22nm CMOS FDX, 45nm CMOS RF SOI, 90nm CMOS-Photonics 9WG, 130nm BICMOS SiGe 8XP

65nm CMOS GP


350nm CMOS High-Voltage


Silicon Photonics

Fabrication schedule

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CMC now provides training badges and certificates for the courses and workshops we host.  Contact CMC to learn how to post your badges on LinkedIn.

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