Hamamatsu Video Camera & Control Unit

The C2741 Hamamatsu Video Camera is designed for image processing and measurement purposes. The control unit uses functions to improve video quality including contrast enhancement and video inversion. This rental package includes a NI PCI-1405 video frame grabber board with partial image acquisition and programmable gain. The frame grabber is restricted to operating on a system that runs Windows XP/NT/2000. If you are not running one of these versions of Windows, a video converter is included in the package and outputs to VGA, S-Video, or RCA. An Aspherical Lens Kit is included for table-top optical setups but is not designed to mate with the video camera.

photo of Hamamatsu video camera

What’s Included

  • Hamamatsu IR Video Camera
  • Control Unit
  • New Focus Aspheric Lens Kit, 5720-C, RMS threading
  • Spiricon Variable Attenuator SPZ17012
  • National Instruments Frame Grabber PCI-1405
  • Camera Cable (Connects the camera to the control unit)
  • BNC Cables
  • Video Converter and associated cables
  • CD with Drivers for PCI-1405

Helpful Resources​

System Specifications​

  • 400 – 1800 nm Spectral Response
  • 600 TV Line Horizontal Center Resolution, defined by the manufacturer to be “the number of stripes TV book display can distinguish at the interval equivalent to the height (length) of the screen of video, and white or black is counted as one, respectively.”
  • 1-inch C-Mount for Camera Lens (However, the video camera can be used without attaching a lens)


  • IR light intensity measurements
  • Connecting a microscope lens enables internal IC inspection
  • Image processing and measurement
  • Edge coupling – integrated optics

Rent from CMC​

  • Request this equipment on a short-term loan basis.
  • Click here to complete the rental application.

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