How to Access Development Systems

Access Requirement

You will need a CMC Subscription to access the Development Systems products and services. For more information, contact

National Design Network

Canada’s National Design Network (CNDN) involves more than 6000 microsystems researchers benefiting from industrial tools, technologies, and support services valued at over $100 million. Members of the NDN can leverage services managed by CMC, such as development systems equipment across Canada, to assist their research.

Access Shared Infrastructure: Equipment Locators

Equipment locators can be used to assist you in finding development systems equipment nearest you. To find more information on equipment at Canadian institutions and contact information for the Development Systems Coordinator, click on the desired product on the Development Systems National Catalog. Click the equipment locator, and then the desired province, city, and university. Additional information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Development Systems Coordinators

Development Systems Coordinators are located at each institution that is part of the emSYSCAN project. Coordinators can provide more information on the installed equipment, including how to access it.

NDN Community Space: Discover, Collaborate, and Connect

The Community Space is a service for the National Design Network (NDN) intended to help facilitate open discussions to share best practices, learn about cutting-edge technologies or foster research collaborations. The Development Systems Space features a Development Systems National Catalogue, information on access and support services, and discussion boards for the development systems community.

Acknowledge CMC

Benefiting from CMC Products & Services? Please acknowledge our support in your publications.

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