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June 2019

CMC and a steering committee of academic and industrial members are moving forward with a $20M CFI Innovation Fund 2020 proposal called CADNet. It equip Canada with design tools and technology platforms to develop novel devices and systems incorporating microelectronics, photonics, and quantum technologies used in sensor and actuator-rich applications such as the Internet of Things, 5G telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence, energy generation, security, medicine and mining.  
Be sure to help your institutional representative working with CMC if they ask – especially if you need access to CAD tools in 2021 and beyond! 
More details including a project summary are available online.

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January 18-22, 2020

Reflecting the rapid growth of the MEMS field and the commitment and success of its research community, the IEEE MEMS Conference series has evolved into a premier annual event in the MEMS area.

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Engineer working with CAD tools
New downloads available
Requesting lead users

The CAD Compute Cluster
  will be available this summer. Interested in early access? We are looking for lead clientsContact


Closeup of a microsystems chip
Application Deadlines

Space still available on these fabrication runs: 
  • CMOS65nm(GP/LP),
  • CMOSP13,
  • CMOSP18 (General/BCD),
  • PiezoMUMPs,
  • PolyMUMPs,
  • GaAS Epitaxy,
  • InP Epitaxy 
Application date July 10Fabrication schedule
Next application deadline for MNT Awards is July 10. Now accepting applications  
Lead Clients Needed for trial FAB runs  this fall
Foundry: Globalfoundries 
  • GF9WG (90 nm integrated photonics and microelectronics technology) 
  • GF22FDX (22nm FDSOI- Fully depleted Silicon on Insulator technology) 
  • GF9HP (90nm SiGe BiCMOS technology) 
Foundry: TSMC 
TSMC 28nm bulk CMOS technology 
Seeking Technology Recommendations 
Are there other foundry technologies we should explore that are not listed in ourfabrication technology offerings? Do you have working relationships with foundries and an interest in sharing knowledge, (sample chips, or characterization data) that could help a wider set of users? Your assistance can help. 
IP Library Components of Interest to You 
Your help is needed to identify IP library components that you would find useful for your research. Our goal is to build an IP library with contributions from researchers across Canada, and we need your help.  
If you can assist CMC with one or more of these items, please contact    

Industrial SponsorChip

Industrial sponsors can now stimulate research and contribute directly to grad student skill development in a defined area of interest, identify potential future partners, explore topics in the design and manufacturing space, and submit thier own designs alongside those of the students.

Learn more about SponsorChip


Circuit board connected to a meter
Equipment Rental Program

Partner with CMC to optimize use of your equipment!
  • Have you purchased equipment that you can’t afford to maintain?
  • Do you have equipment in your lab that is underutilized?
  • Are you applying for a grant to purchase new equipment for your lab?
Contact to learn more about adding your equipment to the program.

Interested in your feedback

CMC is looking to upgrade our equipment rental reservation system and is interested in your feedback. Forward any suggestions to


Accelerate your machine learning applications on the CMC FPGA/GPU cloud-based cluster
July 31, 2 PM EDT Register online

Requesting lead users

The new FPGA/GPU cluster will be made available for research use this 
summer. If you are interested in early access, we are now looking for lead clients. Contact  

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CMC is always looking for opportunities to participate and support the events you host and or attend. If you are planning to host a research competition, symposia, or workshop let us know. 

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