Keysight 86100D Infiniium DCA-X Digital Communication Analyzer (mainframe)

The Keysight DCA-X mainframe from the CMC test equipment pool is part of a modular system for the analysis of time domain broadband signals up to 70 GHz. 86100D DCA-X mainframe can be configured by selecting from a variety of plug-in modules that perform precision optical, electrical, and TDR/TDT measurements. Select specific modules to obtain the desired bandwidth, filtering, and sensitivity that match your measurement needs. Keysight DCA-X Module, Model 86118A (Dual RF Heads) and Keysight DCA-X Module, Model 54754A (TDR/TDT version) are available (reserved separately).


  • Front panel clock trigger
  • Legacy waveform display software
  • Software upgrades for advanced waveform study, including:
    • 86100D-200 for Timing Jitter Analysis;
    • 86100D-201 for Waveform Analysis using extended memory;
    • 86100D-300 for Amplitude Analysis/Relative Intensity Noise (RIN)/Quality Factor; and
    • 86100D-SIM for Enhanced Waveform Analysis.
  • Remote connection via Ethernet or GPIB using Keysight IO software


  • Broadband data capture supported by with real-time MATLAB analysis
  • Jitter component analysis and eye diagram closure root cause
  • De-embedding of digital designs to characterize high-speed circuitry

What’s Included

  • Keysight 86100 D mainframe
  • OEM Mouse (optional)
  • OEM Keyboard (optional)


Equipment Specifications

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