The MIP RF-MEMS variant bridges the gap between algorithmic/analysis and stimulus, and measurement of MEMS RF-MEMS devices. It presents a modular, desktop environment for RF-MEMS and electronics device integration and validation in a system context. 

The MIP RF-MEMS variant has a PXIe-based control system, which includes a system-level design environment, RF signal/vector generator, RF signal/vector analyzer, as well as RF switches and fixtures for RF-MEMS device characterization and measurement. 


  • Accelerates research by providing a feature-rich platform for integration and validating of RF-MEMS based microsystems .
  • Addresses specific research needs through a graphics-based programmable environment and RF-MEMS devices interface boards.
  • Enables a faster path to commercialization by sourcing commercial-grade components and through compliance with commercial standards and interfaces (e.g., PXIe).


Suitable research filed for this variant includes real-time control and measurement of RF-MEMS devices operating up to 6.6 GHz, and tunable network with self-adjusting or self-configured for wireless applications. A research example of using it is shown below:

Research Example of MIP RF-MEMS Variant
Research Example of MIP RF-MEMS Variant


NI PXI-express Chassis
NI PXI-express Chassis

PXI-express base, which includes a system controller:

  • 6.6 GHz RF vector signal generator (VSG
  • 6.6 GHz RF vector signal analyzer (VSA
  • 2.5 GHz 4 X 1 multiplexer/ or switch (multiply copies
  • Digital Waveform Generator and SMU
  • High-voltage fixtures, as well as interface boards and test chips

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Senior Engineer, System-Level Integration
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